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The chiropractors at Doyle Chiropractic address one vital part of your musculoskeletal system: the joints and their alignment. But what about the muscles? That’s where physiotherapy comes in, which is available in-house at Doyle Chiropractic.

By addressing all parts of your musculoskeletal system, you can maintain your adjustment and stabilize your condition so that it will not recur.

Three Physiotherapists on Staff

There are three physiotherapists at our office that are highly skilled in using our specialized techniques: Austin Norman, the Lead Exercise Physiologist as well as Kyler Webb and Colin Miller who are both Physiotherapy Techs. You will receive a protocol that’s specifically designed for your unique condition. By following this protocol, you will get exceptional results. The doctor will work with the physiotherapist to choose your protocol.

Then, the physiotherapist will walk you through exactly what you need to do. In addition to stretching and strengthening exercises, you may have a modality, such as

  • Ultrasound – Ultrasound is used to break up scar tissue and decreases inflammation in conditions such as tendonitis, bursitis, and inflamed muscle structure. It is also useful in athletic injuries such as sprains and strains.
  • Electric muscle stimulation – Our machines have 9 different electrical modalities and all are used to decrease pain, promote healing of muscles, increase strength of muscles, and stop muscle spasm. Studies have also shown that it can decrease the healing time in broken bones.
  • Hako-Med – Hako-Med is a middle frequency electrical rehabilitation machine that is a pain free approach used to reduce inflammation inside the nerve. It is used to treat conditions such as neuropathy of the hands and feet, sciatica, knee pain, arthritis, Charcot-Marie Tooth, foot drop, and more.

A Part of Your Care

You’ll receive chiropractic care and physiotherapy simultaneously. First, you’ll have your adjustment, then perform your physiotherapy in the office. Just like chiropractic, physiotherapy is covered by most insurances.

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