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New Patients at Doyle Chiropractic

The staff at Doyle Chiropractic is friendly and warm, making sure you feel welcomed the moment you step in. Rest assured that we are here to guide you through the entire process of becoming a patient, making sure everything goes smoothly and easily for you.

The First Day

We will send you your paperwork ahead of time so that you can bring it in completed, if possible. Then, when you arrive, you will meet your chiropractor for a consultation, history, exam and having digital X-rays taken, if required. Gathering this information allows us to determine whether you can get a chiropractic adjustment right away. This appointment takes 40 minutes to an hour.

Your Report of Findings

When you return, you will get answers to your most pressing questions:

  • What is happening with your health?
  • How long will it take to fix?
  • What will it cost to get started?
You’ll find out the results of your examination and make sure you feel informed on making a decision. You will also receive an adjustment. This appointment takes about 30 minutes.

Regular Visits

Your follow-ups are shorter, taking about 15 minutes in total.

Insurance Accepted

We accept most major insurances. Additionally, we take ChiroHealth USA and Care Credit. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment!


New Patients at Doyle Chiropractic